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If you’re in the area during late July or early August and looking for a way to celebrate America’s old west heritage, make it a point to visit Dodge City.

Dodge City’s heritage comes to life and walks the streets annually during Dodge City Days!

Dodge City Days is well known nationwide and is the second largest festival in Kansas with over 50 events.

The Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce is the overall sponsor and coordinator of Dodge City Days. Its original intent was to celebrate Dodge City’s great Western heritage, and it still accomplishes that today.

Approximately 100,000 individuals attend at least one Dodge City Days event. The celebration generates approximately three million dollars, which has an economic impact of approximately nine million dollars on Dodge City.

Come Enjoy Dodge City Days!

About Dodge City Days

Dodge City Days is a famous annual event in the city of Dodge City, Kansas, USA, known for its rich history in the Wild West era. The festival is typically held in late July or early August and spans over ten days.

Dodge City Days originally started in the 1960s as a community celebration, but it has since grown into a major festival attracting thousands of visitors from all around the world. As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, Dodge City Days boasts over 50 events, making it one of the largest community festivals in the state of Kansas.

The festival hosts a variety of events that appeal to people of all ages and interests. Some of the key events include:

Parade: One of the highlights is the Dodge City Days Parade, which typically features marching bands, floats, equestrian units, and much more.

Rodeo: The festival also features a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) rodeo, where you can watch professional cowboys compete in events like bull riding, bronco riding, and barrel racing.

BBQ Contest: A BBQ contest is usually held as part of the festival, with various teams competing to see who can make the best barbecue.

Arts and Crafts Show: The Arts and Crafts show features a variety of items made by local artists and crafters.

Music Concerts: The festival often features music concerts ranging from local acts to nationally known musicians.

Historic Trolley Tours: There are usually tours of the historic town available, giving visitors an in-depth view of the city’s rich history.

KidFest: There’s also plenty of family fun to be had at KidFest, which offers activities for kids such as face painting, games, and more.

Dodge City Days is not just a fun-filled event; it’s also a significant cultural celebration that pays homage to the city’s history and its impact on America’s Wild West era. It’s a time when the residents come together to celebrate their shared heritage and welcome visitors to experience the unique blend of contemporary and historical cultures that Dodge City offers.

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